Repinturas Cruzeiro

Name: Size: 1,127,227 Date: 03-28-2009 Downloads: 107
FS2004 Cruzeiro Airbus A300B2, registration PP-CLA. Textures only for The Fruit Stand A300 model; requires TFS300.ZIP. Repaint by Gustavo Aguiar.

Name: Size: 230,975 Date: 01-01-2009 Downloads: 91
FS2004 Cruzeiro Airbus A300B4. Textures only; requires TFS300.ZIP. Model by The Fruit Stand. Repaint by Luis Fernando Villani.

Name: Size: 2,046,909 Date: 08-28-2008 Downloads: 205
FS2004 Cruzeiro Boeing 727-100 (old paint). A repaints of the VL B727-100 model in Cruzeiro old livery, registration PT-CJG. Textures only. Requires Vista Liners model (B72720VL.ZIP). By Marcelo Rates Quaranta.

Name: Size: 4,143,290 Date: 08-28-2008 Downloads: 255
FS2004 Cruzeiro McDonnell Douglas MD-80, registration PT-CRZ. Texture and model only. Sound and panel not included. Model by Erick Cantu, repaint by Marcelo Rates Quaranta.

Name: Size: 6,074,710 Date: 08-17-2008 Downloads: 413
FS2004 Cruzeiro Sud Aviation Caravelle VI-R, registration PP-CJR. Textures only for the AFG Caravelle III model (AFG3CGED.ZIP). By Marcelo Rates Quaranta.

Name: Size: 2,008,816 Date: 06-07-2008 Downloads: 240
FS2004 Cruzeiro Boeing 727-100, registration PP-CJG. Textures only for the Vista Liners B727-100 model; requires VL72720VL.ZIP. Repaint by Gustavo Aguiar.

Name: Size: 220,108 Date: 03-08-2008 Downloads: 159
FS2004 Cruzeiro do Sul Caravelle III, v1.0. Textures only; requires SCARAV32.ZIP. This is a repaint of Cruzeiro do Sul Caravelle based on Caravelle III by Mike Stone. This repaint by Luiz Foernges.