Repinturas Transbrasil

Name: Size: 1,568,798 Date: 07-19-2004 Downloads: 490
FS2004 TransBrasil Boeing 737-700W. A fictional texture for the PMDG B737-700. By Pedro Golino P. Vieira.

Name: Size: 5,288,316 Date: 01-21-2008 Downloads: 255
FS2004 Transbrasil Boeing 737-300. Textures only for the payware Wilco/feelThere B737-300 model. Repaint by Alexandre Schreiner Piccolli.

Name: Size: 4,486,575 Date: 07-08-2003 Downloads: 785
FS2002 Transbrasil Boeing 767-300ER, registration PT-TAL. A B767-300 Gmax model featuring dynamic shine, reflections and full moving parts. Includes custom panel.cfg file for Wilco 767PIC, as well as Gauthier Halbardier taxi light switch gauge for 767PIC. Model and FDE by IFDG, textures by Ricardo Ramos. (See also TALUP.ZIP)

Name: Size: 1,694,555 Date: 07-10-2003 Downloads: 506
FS2002 Transbrasil Boeing 767-300ER Update for use with IFDGTAL.ZIP. This file corrects the dark blue stripes on the right side of the fin. It also includes registration marks on the wings, mandatory in Brazil, and metallic reflection on the wings’ leading edges. Also the PIC panel configuration file was updated, as well as FDE edition directions were added. By Ricardo Ramos.

Name: Size: 8,451,823 Date: 10-24-2006 Downloads: 1,904
FS2002/FS2004 Transbrasil Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia, registration PT-ITB. Aircraft by Nick Botamer (Project ERJ). Flight model by Sam Chin. Textures by “Ruifo”.

Name: Size: 1,168,507 Date: 05-02-2006 Downloads: 957
FS2004 InterBrasil Embraer EMB-120, registration PP-ISD. This turboprop was one of the seven EMB-120s operated by InterBrasil Star which was a “feeder” airline for TransBrasil Airlines in the 1990’s. Accurate textures to be used with Online Simulation Solutions freeware EMB-120. Model with working/animated air stairs, cargo door, wing views and animated pilot figures. By Luiz Alvarenga.

Name: Size: 7,482,922 Date: 06-20-2007 Downloads: 203
FS2004 Transbrasil Airbus A340-313X, registration PT-TAY. Textures only for the payware Overland A340-300 model. Repaint by Rafael Wildgrub.