Repinturas TRIP

Name: Size: 2,398,890 Date: 09-13-2009 Downloads: 233
FS2004 TRIP Linhas Aereas ATR 42-300, registration PR-TTE. Textures for the ISDT ATR42-300 model. By Eduardo Mello.

Name: Size: 509,342 Date: 08-17-2009 Downloads: 511
FS2004 TRIP Linhas Aereas ATR 42-300. TRIP Linhas Aereas repaint for OSP ATR 42-300 for use with AI traffic. Textures only. Base pack is available separately (OSP_ATR_42_300_BASE.ZIP). By Oskari Syynimaa.

Name: Size: 1,227,550 Date: 02-21-2009 Downloads: 366
FS2004 TRIP Linhas Aereas ATR 72 Fleet for use with the AI ATR model by Oskari Syynimaa (OSP72200.ZIP and OSP72500.ZIP). Variants included are ATR 72-200 OC and NC, ATR 72-500 NC. Repaint by Dieter Barthelmeus.

Name: Size: 4,027,698 Date: 01-16-2005 Downloads: 738
FS2004 Trip Linhas Aereas ATR 72-500. Textures only for the Flight1 ATR72-500. By Marcio David.

Name: Size: 10,101,169 Date: 09-01-2009 Downloads: 208
FS2004/FSX TRIP Linhas Aereas E-170. Textures only for the payware Embraer E-JETS Series from feelThere/Wilco. New version, corrected alpha channels. By Eduardo Mello.

Name: Size: 259,151 Date: 10-12-2009 Downloads: 277
FS2004 TRIP Linhas Aereas Embraer 175, registration PP-PJA. Textures for the AI Aardvark EMB175 model (AIEMB175.ZIP). New version. By Eduardo Mello.

Name: Size: 180,573 Date: 01-11-2009 Downloads: 169
FS2004 Trip Embraer EMB 120, registration PP-PTA. Textures only for the AI Aardvark EMB120 model; requires AIAFS9UP.ZIP. Repaint by Gustavo Aguiar.

Name: Size: 1,875,363 Date: 12-23-2008 Downloads: 415
FS2004 Trip Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia, registration PP-PTA, circa 2008. Model by OSS/Erick Cantu. Repaint by Gustavo Aguiar.

FT: 135LR download (texture only)