Links para download de aeronaves e cenários para o X-Plane!
Download links for X-Plane aircrafts and sceneries! Enjoy!

B737 by Benedikt Stratmann :

Nice planes here (check the PC-7 and alphajet):
And a nice heli: Bell 206:

Embraer aircrafts for X-Plane:


Some other links: for Aircraft, e.g. Piper, Beechcraft, Cirrus, Private jets, Helicopters. to make your own photographic sceneries. for Belgium scenery. for The Netherlands scenery.


For scenes, check this out:

Photosceneries of France and Switzerland:

Photosceneries of Spain:

Airports of France and Switzerland:

Lot of nice stuff here:

Brazilian Scneries for X-Plane:


V.8 X-Plane Aircrafts:


V.9 X-Plane Aircrafts:


V.7 X-Plane Aircrafts: