Ground Services – Pushback, Refueling

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X-Plane Ground Services - Pushback, Refueling

X-Plane Ground Services - Pushback, Refueling

Provides ground services with object animations using OpenSceneryX objects.
A great way to have some movement around your plane, and do your push-back and refueling.

Provided services

  • PushBack: Selectable distance and rotation, fully automated.
  • Refueling: Request the desired fuel amount for each tank.
  • GPU/Stairs (animation only) the stairs may go to a wrong position if the aircraft door is not correctly defined in the .acf. I din’t find any way to simulate the gpu power with the current datarefs Posted Image.


  • The plugin auto assigns fuel and push-back tugs based on the weight of your plane.
  • Each tug and fuel truck has its own characteristics like fuel rate or power.
  • I’ve modeled the tug power so it should give some real feel.
  • All objects are unloaded if you’re far enough in order to save framerate.


  • Install or update OpenSceneryX be patient  (some people are reporting missing objects please update-it before complaining )
  • If you’re using windows or an old OSX version (<10.6) you must install Python 2.7.2 or Python 2.6.6
  • Install or update sandy’s python interfacegrab the version that matches your python installation:
    • for Python 2.7.x
    • for Python 2.6.x
    • Please read sandy’s documentation for more information.
  • Create a folder named PythonScripts in your X-plane/Resources/plugins folder and move into.

As noted by chimo the resulting installation should look like:

The Python Interface (two files ):  
xPlane-->Resources-->plugins-->PythoninterfaceMac27.xpl (or win, depending on your system)  
The downloaded Python Ground Service Script (or any other python script) in the (new createt) subfolder:  

Known bugs: The rotation of the pushback doesn’t work i you don’t have a joystick plugged and assigned to the rudder.

Enjoy-it and send me your comments Posted Image.

DISCLAIMER: The plugin is not as finished and feature-rich as I would but it’s stable. I had this file sitting around for months without adding new features but it’s ready to enjoy. I’ll probably add more features when I get more motivation (money sometimes is a good motivations… not always :P). The source is released under the GLP license so feel free to improve-it and send-me your patches.

To Zach De’Cou for sharing his plans of a refueling plugin with me and debugging the plugin.
(the refueling is not yet as complete as he designed)
To ramzzess for donating some objects that the plugin is not using yet.

Help needed
The original idea was to provide all the objects with the plugin, If you’re interested in donating objects to the plugin please contact-me.
We need: fuel trucks, tugs, stairs trucks, gpus, airport buses, cargo loaders, food services…